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Life On Music provides group and individual music therapy sessions specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors. These sessions can look a little different depending on the functioning level of the participants and can always be customized to meet specific needs.


For each level of care, the session is led by a board-certified music therapist who facilitates live, age-appropriate, familiar singing with guitar accompaniment. The participants have the opportunity to sing along, play instruments, move to the music, listen, write songs, and play music games like "Name That Tune" and "Music Bingo."

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

A session designed for high functioning adults is typically focused on maintenance of daily living skills, executive functioning skills, and promoting a sense of community.

Music therapy sessions designed for memory care give participants the opportunity to increase skills required for daily living, and add a special emphasis on increasing reality orientation, memory recall, executive functioning, mood, and reminiscence.

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For adults with with Alzheimer's or a related disease, music therapy gives participants the opportunity to engage in familiar singing, listening, and movement activities while working on motor strength, vocal maintenance, speech intelligibility, autonomy, and mood.

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