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The Life On Music clinic gives access to a wide range of musical instruments and materials that are crucial for assisting individuals on their journey towards improved well-being. By providing these resources, they empower clients to engage in music therapy and utilize the therapeutic benefits of music. This access enables clients to explore, create, and connect through music, fostering a holistic and enriching experience that supports their development and growth.

8401 5th Ave NE Ste 101

Seattle, WA 98115

There is free street parking on both sides of 5th Ave and more on 84th and 85th streets. Please note there is no parking directly in front of the clinic.

Address & Parking

weeROCK Room

Tailored for our budding musicians, the Life On Music early interventions room is a nurturing space adorned with inviting soft foam area mats and a delightful assortment of instruments tailored to suit children of all abilities. From vibrant xylophones and gentle tambourines to rhythm-filled shakers, the room is a symphony of possibilities for young musical explorers.

The low shelf invites children to engage with their artistic instincts, encouraging them to choose from a selection of instruments, music-themed books, and engaging toys. This intentional design fosters not only a love for music but also the development of creative expression and cognitive skills.

Harmony Lab

Step into our dynamic teen room, where the pulse of music comes alive through authentic rock band instruments. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic possibilities with a keyboard that echoes melodies, an electronic drum pad that sets the beat, and the electrifying tones of both an electric guitar and bass.


At Harmony Lab, our commitment is to nurture musical talent in both individual and communal settings. Whether in a one-on-one session or a group ensemble, our well-equipped space accommodates the collaborative energy of a rock band. It's not just a room; it's a vibrant hub where musical aspirations take flight, and the harmony of collective creativity resonates in every note.

Sound Escape

Recognizing that novel sights and sounds can be overwhelming for certain clients, we've crafted a serene low-stimulation haven. The gentle glow of string lights allows us to create a calming ambiance by dimming the overhead lights, while plush foam mats and fuzzy pillows invite clients to unwind and find respite in tranquility.

Here, the gentle cascade of a rainstick, the rhythmic embrace of an ocean drum, and the soothing sounds of a kokoriko provide a therapeutic symphony that fosters relaxation and a sense of ease. It's a space where sensory sensitivity meets serenity, creating a comforting retreat tailored to individual needs.

Jam Factory

Step into our expansive group room, purposefully designed to embrace movement, play, and collaborative music-making! Upon your arrival, conveniently stow your belongings in the cubbies, creating a seamless transition into the vibrant atmosphere. Choose your preferred spot on the inviting rug, setting the stage for a shared experience of creativity and camaraderie. This room is not just a space; it's a canvas for collective expression and joyful interactions.

The "Music Is" Project

The concept is beautifully simple: we invited the community to complete the sentence "Music is ___" using words, poetry, song, or art! Whether it was composing a song or writing a poem that reflected the meaning of music, or even listening to a favorite tune while painting with watercolors or pastels, we encouraged all to let their creativity flourish.

The Life On Music team is delighted to display the resulting art in our entry way. Enjoy!

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